On the Safe Side

Our mission at DEKRA is quite simply to make the world a safer place for today and for future generations, as communicated through our motto "On the safe side".

Keeping our roads safe

Our Vehicle Appraisals team works closely with dealerships to help manage their used vehicle purchases and trade-ins to identify areas of risk in a vehicle's condition. We work with warranty and insurance providers to ensure the proper repairs are performed post-accident. And we work with buyers and auction sites to provide unbiased assessment of a vehicle's condition before a sale takes place.

Our Commercial Vehicle Services team provides road-side inspections as required by the U.S. DOT, but also works closely with fleet owners to build a customized plan for inspections in between required vehicle certification and to train drivers to reduce incidents.

Keeping products safe

Our Product Certification team evaluates a product's compliance with industry specifications to ensure its safety, and also evaluates the toxicity and environmental impact of materials within. We also specialize in Medical product certifications, working closely with manufacturers and design teams on complex and highly technical devices both for surgical implantation and for general medical use.

Keeping the workplace safe

Our Process Safety Services team works with manufacturing plants to reduce occupational injuries through training, laboratory testing, and safety management and consulting services.

Our Safety Consulting team works with utility, chemical, oil/gas, and mining companies to reduce accidents and transform the safety culture within each organization.

Our System Certification team certifies an organization's occupational health and safety management system to improve operational performance while controlling incidents and industrial hygiene. Our quality management certifications aid in this goal by increasing efficiency and improving quality performance.

Keeping the environment safe

Our System Certification team also provides counsel and certifies an organization's energy management and sustainability to improve efficiency of energy, water, and waste.

Our Consumer Services team inspects vehicles' emissions levels and operation to confirm a vehicle's efficiency and reduce air pollution.